Gene Watson Biography & Net Worth

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Gene Watson Biography

Gene Watson Biography
Gene Watson Biography

Gary Gene Watson, or simply known as Gene Watson is an American country music singer and composer. His place of birth is Palestine Texas, United States of America. He was born on 11th October 1943. His father was a sawmill worker while his mother picked crops. He has six other siblings.

Gene Watson Career

Gene Watson’s career began in the early 1960’s. He started by performing a few songs in a few small bars and local clubs at night after working in a car body and engine repair shop in Houston during daytime. There were a few small record labels around his region which he recorded for until his big break came in 1974 when capitol records picked up and released his album “Love in the Hot Afternoon nationally”. The track of the title of the album was released in the middle of 1975, and it quickly reached third place on the chart of the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles.

Gene Watson Biography
Gene Watson in the 1980’s

His success continued nationally throughout the 70’s and to the 80’s as he recorded many hits which topped the billboard charts. Some of his records which have made appearances on the Billboard top-40 hit songs include Should I go home, farewell party, paper rosie and where love begins. His smash hit song Farewell party was released in 1979. It went on to become his signature song and also, the name of his band The farewell party. 

Gene Watson celebrated 50 years in the music industry in February 2012. In 2018, Gene Watson released My Gospel Roots, which is a 13-track gospel music CD.

Gene Watson’s induction into the Hall of Fame of Texas Country Music took place in 2002, and in 2013, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Houston Music. He received an award of the “Entertainer of the Year” from R.O.P.E awards in 2018.

The Farewell Party — Gene Watson Biography

Gene Watson Biography
The farewell party live performance

The Farewell Party as they are called is a band that was named after Gene Watson’s 1978 hit song of the same name. The band released two studio albums from 1982 to 1984. Tony Booth is one of the several notable musicians who worked with the farewell party band as members.

Gene Watson Songs — Gene Watson Biography

Gene Watson has been active in the music business since 1962. In a career that has now been up and running for more than 57 years, the icon of country music has released various chart-topping singles and albums.Gene Watson Biography

His songs include:

  • Farewell Party
  • Fourteen Carat Mind
  • Paper Rosie
  • Love in the Hot Afternoon
  • Nothing Sure Looked Good on You
  • Got No Reason Now For Going Home
  • Should I Come Home
  • The Old Man and His Horn
  • Where Love Begins
  • Pick the Wildwood Flower
  • I Don’t Need a Thing at All
  • Memories to Burn
  • What She Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Her
  • Old Loves Never Die
  • Speak Softly
  • Because You Believed in Me
  • When a Màn Can’t Get a Woman Off His Mind
  • Change Her Mind
  • The Jukebox Played Along
  • No One Will Ever Know
  • Bedroom Ballad
  • This Dream’s On Me
  • Back in the Fire
  • You’re Out Doing What I’m Here Doing Without
  • Climb Higher
  • Gone for Good
  • You Could Know as Much About a Stranger
  • Don’t Waste It on the Blues
  • Everything I Used to Do
  • Her Body Couldn’t Keep You
  • Maybe I Should Have Been Listening
  • Old Porch Swing

Gene Watson Albums

  • Love in the Hot Afternoon
  • Because You Believed in Me
  • Paper Rosie
  • Reflections
  • Beautiful Country
  • Should I Come Home
  • Old Loves Never Die
  • Between This Time & The Next Time
  • No One Will Ever Know
  • This Dream’s on Me
  • Sometimes I Get Lucky
  • Little by Little
  • Memories to Burn
  • Heartaches, Love & Stuff
  • Starting New Memories
  • Texas Saturday Night
  • Honky Tonk Crazy
  • Back in the Fire
  • At Last
  • In Other Words
  • Uncharted Mind
  • The Good Ole Days
  • Jesus Is All I Need
  • A Way to Survive
  • From the Heart
  • Then & Now
  • In a Perfect World
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Your Fourteen Carat Mind
  • A Taste of the Truth
  • Your Money and My Good Looks

Who is Gene Watson’s Wife?

Gene Watson Children — Gene Watson Biography

Together with his wife Mattie Louise Bivins, Gene Watson has two adult children – a son, Gary Wayne Watson, and a daughter, Terri Lynn Watson.

Gene Watson Net Worth

As of 2021, 79 years old, Gene Watson has an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars ($8,000,000). It is reported that he made his wealth from a successful career of singing, performing and songwriting, both as a solo artist and with his band The Farewell Party. 

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  1. As a slightly older than Gene fellow who has listened to him sing since returning from Vietnam. I am Retired Army and now a Disabled American Veteran as of 2017. I last saw Mr. Watson sing 18 October 2919 in Branson, MO. I want to purchase some recordings from his 1980’s. Can you tell me where to go online for them. Thank you,
    Daniel O’Connell

      1. Amazon stock mostly all his LPs .CDs that’s all I know I’m a fan since 1970 and have a couple of sign pictures from Gene.
        For me he’s number one traditional Country & Western singer.
        I’ve been around most since I was a kid 1949 to 2020.
        I’m a retired traditional country and western promoter from .Liverpool.England.UK.
        My love for country music has to be my family friend Mrs. Jim Reeves.from 1956 onwards . I was invited over to meet his late wife and Jims friends 1986-87 .
        I was close friend of Patsy Clines mom Hilda Hensley. 24 yrs. and Kitty Wells. I know them all.
        For me to say on paper I’d fill this sheet up .
        Anyway you can write to his fan club in .Nashville,Tn.
        My email is

  2. I have listened to Hene Watson for years. My favorites are Love In The Hot Afternoon, Fourteen Carrot Mind, Nothing Sure Looked Good on You and others too numerous to mention. I hope someday he will come to, or near South Central Virginia so I can see his show live. Until then I will listen to his songs and wait. I THINK I am one of his biggest fans.

  3. I love Mr Watson’s music. I looked at his biography to hopefully see some pictures of his wife and children. I was disappointed that there were no pictures of his wife. I am definitely a Gene Watson fan.

    1. Hello Mary, sorry about not finding Mr Watson’s family pictures in our article. We couldn’t find family pictures to use without running into problems with the owners. We will keep looking so we could make amends. Regards,

  4. I have said from the beginning of Genes’ carrier that he never received the recognition that he deserved. He is one of the best entertainers of all time and I appreciate his music. I do a couple of his songs at karaoke nights although when I had my band years ago I did them live.

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