It’s funny to think that I hate women – FalzTheBadGuy

Last year, popular rapper, Falz a.k.a TheBahdGuy whose name is Folarin Falana released a controversial hit song, ‘This is Nigeria’, to a barrage of backlash from religious bodies, critics among others.

Yet FalzTheBadGuy wasn’t deterred as he followed the previous song up with ‘talk’, another conscious song off his fourth studio album, titled ‘Moral Instruction’ whic was released in January 2019.

In a chat with Showtime, the rapper, however, lamented the biggest misconceptions people have about him.

“I have been misinterpreted especially in recent times. To a large extent, I understand the sentiments or the feelings of the people that have misinterpreted me. The biggest misconception about my person is that I’m a misogynist, that I hate women.”

“I think it’s funny, I think it’s laughable because I have continually spoken against the prostitution culture. It’s just something I don’t subscribe to, but it doesn’t mean I hate women or anything.”

“Men that do these things too are equally doing something that I don’t like, but maybe it’s because I have only done more stuff about the girls, and I understand that because women are the gender that is oppressed.”

“There is male supremacy that is perpetrated in every sphere of life and I understand that for this reason, it could be vexing for the listeners. I’ve made a lot of music that speaks about women oppression and sexual abuse; ‘Child of the world’ for example.”

“That is a very conscious song, it talked about sexual abuse, suicide and the need for help. On my ‘Moral Instruction’ album, I made a lot of stuff pertaining to human trafficking. I pay a lot of attention to things that affects people; so there is no way someone will sit in their house and say I’m a misogynist”, Falz lamented.

Speaking further, the artiste explained why he usually feels the need to make conscious music.


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