How To Get Prepared Mentally And Physically For The First Night

Every body will definitely go through that first night experience, except of course, you want to abstain from sex.

In some part of the world, having sex before marriage is shameful and the sex talk is not allowed, so you can only imagine and secretly read about it.

If you are woman and you are getting married as a virgin or you have found someone you wish to share this special moment with, you may feel anxious and a little bit scared about it.

You may be worried about pleasing your partner sexually and be also worried about your physical appearance.

Getting yourself ready mentally and physically for that first night

It is natural to feel concerned about how your first night will be. Some newly married may feel a lot of stress, and some people may feel too anxious.

These tips would help you get ready for that special moment.

For women

Dress for the occasion

You are going to have sex, so you need to dress for the occasion. Do not wear an outfit that has lots of buttons and zippers. Easy access is the key.

Wear an outfit that shows a little cleavage and your curves. This kind of outfit will leave your partner imagining what they will be seeing.

Wear a natural makeup

During sex, men do not like to see their woman with lots of makeup on. They want to see who you are, not a mannequin. It is best to look as natural as possible.

Be clean.

Keep your body, most especially your private parts clean, shave or wax your legs, vagina, and armpits.

Also wash your vagina with warm water or a vaginal wash before sex.

Love your body. 

There is no perfect body type, your partner already knows your body type and he likes it.

However, if you feel you need to lose weight or fix any part of your body, do it, but make sure you are doing it for yourself. Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are.

For men

It is easier for men to prepare themselves physically.

All you need is to shave all the necessary areas. Make sure you smell nice and masculine.

Do not wear heavy fragrance. Subtle and masculine is perfect.

Your outfit should also fit perfectly and not be one that would be too difficult to pull off.

Preparing Yourself Mentally: Men and Women

Remember that nobody is perfect when it comes to sex. Women may experience anxieties like pain and excessive bleeding during penis penetration.

Men may also experience premature ejaculation because of anxiety.

So it is important that you and your partner talk about this so as to build a stronger bond between you two.

Sexual satisfaction is only possible when both of you reach orgasm at least once in your sex session and this is achieved only when you know the different ways to arouse each other, so talk about this.

You should also become little more playful and enjoy sex in different comfortable positions.

The first night is a special night and I hope this article helped in providing information and calming nerves



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