Effective ways to preserve your Fashion Jewelry so it last longer

Fashion jewelry is quite great looking and maybe great representations of authentic ones but they come with a great disadvantage- fashion jewelry loses shine with time, they may rust, rough up and lose all of their aesthetic value. This is the bitter truth; non-authentic jewelry contains substances that are prone to oxidation so it will oxidize.

Been prone to losing its value doesn’t mean that you can’t make it last a bit longer. Yes, you can retain that value for a long-time, if you have insights of what to do.

Here are efficient ways to make your Fashion Jewelry last a bit longer

Alternate your Jewelry

Wearing a single pair of jewelry over and over again decrease the lifetime of your fashion jewelry, Yes, they may be your favorites, but ruining them may not be the best cause of action. You should endeavor to wear them on occasion rather than regularly alternating between different sets of jewelry.

Keep away from wet surfaces

Water is an important component of oxidation; therefore endeavor to dry up all surfaces before placing your Jewelry. This includes your skin, ensure to dry yourself up before wearing your Jewelry.  Substances such as moisturizers might be very good for your skin but they are very bad for your jewelry, therefore after moisturizing your skin, allow it dry up before placing your jewelry.

Wipe after each use

Since you may probably be wearing your fashion jewelry for a long while, moisture may somehow find its way onto them. This may be from the environment or as a result of moisture from your own Skin. Make it a lifestyle to always wipe all jewelry after every use, this will get rid of moisture and reduce the oxidizing effects of moisture.

Store Correctly

That little fact “ store in a cool dry place” is especially true for all jewelry and even more. You should store fashion jewelry in a cool, dry and airtight place, so there is no exposure to oxygen after storage. The jewelry box is especially good for your storing your jewelry and you can get this from your favorite online store or any place of your choice. If you cannot afford a Jewelry box, then consider using zip-locked plastic bags or cotton pouches.  In addition, if you must use these alternatives, never place two or more jewelry in one plastic bag as this may lead to knots and probably ruin your jewelry. Also,Jewelry should be sorted out properly; little stud earrings, rings, and removable pendants should be stored separately in lock bags for easy identification and less friction which may damage them.

You should understand that no matter how you do store fashion jewelry, they will eventually fade out but with proper care, you can make it last longer than expected.


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