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Douglas Emhoff (born in 1964) is an American Lawyer who specializes in advertising, commercial litigation and marketing litigation. He is from New York, United States. The source of Douglas Emhoff net worth is his occupation as a lawyer who is notoriously known for representing clients that find themselves in a David vs. Goliath situation.

Apart from being known as a lawyer, Douglas Emhoff is also known as the husband of American attorney and  politician Kamala Harris who served as junior U.S Senator from California since 2017.

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Biography & Career

Douglas Emhoff Net Worth 2020
Douglas Emhoff Net Worth 2020

The American lawyer was born on 13 October 1964, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He attended California State University, and graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies. He then proceeded to attend Gould School of Law in the University of Southern California, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree.

Douglas Emhoff works at DLA Piper Law Firm as a litigator and partner. His field of specialization is intellectual property law and entertainment. He works in both their D.C and California offices. He is a representative of large international and domestic corporations. Also, he represents some of today’s highest-profile influencers and individuals in real estate, complex business, and intellectual property litigation disputes. Formerly, the American lawyer worked as an Associate at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP located in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The active “workaholic” has also worked as a special counsel at Belìn Rawlings & Badal, where he was also a collaborator of the L.A. bases law firm.

Douglas Emhoff also worked in Beverly Hills with Whitwell Jacob Emhoff LLP as a managing partner. He moved on to join  Venable LLP as its MD in the West Coast back in August 2006, and later took charge of both of their branches in Los Angeles and San Francisco until September 2017.

Douglas Emhoff Net Worth 2020

Douglas Emhoff net worth is earned from his attorney career. He has been established as one of the most successful attorneys in California.

Douglas Emhoff Net Worth 2020
Douglas Emhoff Net Worth 2020

Douglas Emhoff net worth is a comfortable amount of wealth for the happy lawyer, and husband to Kamala Harris, the American attorney and politician who he first met on a blind date. Douglas Emhoff net worth is the result of the lawyers active years as a legal practitioner, as well as also working with various firms, and also as a litigation marketer. As of the time of this writing, Douglas Emhoff is worth an estimated $4 million.

According to a form of financial disclosure released by his wife, Kamala Harris, the family is in charge of assets which are worth between $2.5 to $6 million, and a rough $3 million worth of liabilities, which are mostly in form of mortgages. It is also reported that majority of the family’s liquid assets are invested in retirement accounts and mutual funds.

Douglas Emhoff Wife, Relationships, Family, Children

Douglas Emhoff is married to Kamala Harris, the American attorney and politician who he first met on a blind date.

Douglas Emhoff Net Worth
Douglas Emhoff and his wife Kamala Harris

Their story began when a close friend linked the two up on a blind date. Things seemed to get well between them as they got engaged in March 2014, and got married 5 months later in August the same year in Santa Barbara, California.

Maya Harris, the American lawyer and television commentator who also happens to be the sister to Kamala Harris officiated their marriage.

Douglas Emhoff was previously married to Kerstin Emhoff who is the president, co-founder as well as executive producer of PrettyBird, a production company.

Douglas Emhoff and his first wife have two children between them- Cole Emhoff and Ella Emhoff. He has no children with Kamala Harris.


Douglas Emhoff Net Worth — Conclusion

Douglas Emhoff became popular after his marriage to American senator and famous politician Kamala Harris who he has been married to since 2014.

His politician wife,  Kamala Harris has a goal to be president of the United States of America after the election in 2020. The result of that happening is that Douglas Emhoff will be the First Gentleman of the United States of America. It is highly possible that this thought has crossed his mind, which would mean he might be a husband to the President of America, the most powerful woman in the world.

Douglas Emhoff net worth has come about not just from  his career, but as a result of his position and affiliation with politics, by means of being married to the a senator and presidential aspirant.

If he continues his campaign work on the trail and, also on social media, he might go on to become the First Gentleman in 2020 if the aspirations of Douglas Emhoff and Kamala Harris become reality.



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