‘Desperate desire for validation very scary’ – Simi speaks on depression

Popular and trending Nigerian artiste, Simi has opened up on her thoughts about the recent spate of depression going on in the country.

According to the artiste, the struggle to keep up and fear of failure amongst other things were mostly responsible for the increase in depression.

Simi who 31 years of age further described the increasing rate of depression these days as simply “scary and sad”.

On Twitter, She made her thoughts known after a fan asked for her thoughts on the wave of depression.

Simi who tweeted in response wrote, “It’s scary and sad. Especially for young men. The struggle to keep up.

She further highlighted the causes of depression which are and the fear of failure, the desperate desire for validation.

She concluded by saying that she hopes that they can let people know that it is not wrong for people to share and lean on someone when things get too heavy.


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