Davido’s comment to Naira Marleys Yahoo is not a crime puts him in hot water with fans

Popular Nigerian Musician, Davido has been berated on Social Media after he made a comment to Naira Marley’s bizarre statement about Yahoo boys.

davido attack reaction naira marley yahoo not crime video

You will recall that Niara Marley had taken to the Social media claiming that comparing African slavery against Cybercrime, popularly called “Yahoo Boys” in a verge to justify those practices. In his live session on Instagram, Naira Marley had tweeted ” If you know about slavery, you go know sey Yahoo no be crime”.

Tweets Explosion Lots of Nigerians on Fire!

A lot of Nigerians backlashed Naira Marley for making this statement. However one of the comments that got the attention of more Nigerians was Davido’s Instagram post where he said ” Nobody Holy”. This stirred a lot of comments on Twitter including:

@Apt “Davido really said “nobody holy” on Naira Marley’s comment on yahoo boys, Sigh! His statement is a double-edged sword. Whatever he meant still interprets negative.”

@_Harrisonjnr “This Naira Marley topic just proved my pending doubt that Davido is really a yahoo boy.”

@Flosode “Davido or The Marley guy won’t say the same things about yahoo if they or their parents were the victims of yahoo.”

davido attack reaction naira marley yahoo not crime video

@Ibitoye_Phillipo “Many won’t agree but religion is one of our biggest problems in Nigeria. The way we practice it. Davido’s pathetic “Nobody holy pass” comment on Naira Marley’s post glorifying fraud is a perfect example. We put religion ahead of simple morals.If morals were a priority, there would be no stupid talks of ‘holiness’ in such situations, it would just be purely about what is right and what is wrong.”

@RoyalPriest1 “In a country where things works, people like the so called Naira Marley, Davido etc would have been on watch list but EFCC is as guilty and impotent.”

@Ologunkutere “Davido, spitting his usual stupidity, high bred class stupidity at that! Zlatan and Naira Marley displaying the low life mentality that have being their hallmarks. Big reminder that music and sense doesn’t equate!

@AyoShonaiya “I don’t understand this “no one is holy” reference. Is that what people say to themselves when they commit crimes.Committing a crime is down to you and you only. Has nothing to do with whether nobody is holy.”

@Access_Sydney “Doesn’t matter what or how people try to justify and talk against yahooDoesn’t matter what Naira Marley, Tunde Or Davido or any other person says.Deep down in your heart what is your heart telling you that is what you should take.”

@Sheddy_Osas “It’s clear that those who benefits from yahoo money are I’m full support of what Naira Marley said. Nobody is holy like Davido said but I don’t think coming out to say yahoo no be crime is right.”

@KoloJesse “I know it doesn’t matter but I am deleting every Davido, Naira Marley and Zlatan’s music in every platform I have them on! I don’t support “Yahoo yahoo”, listening to them means I do!

This is really brewing a lot of things, what are your take guys on this Yahoo Yahoo saga? Please send in your comments. We want to hear from you.


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