Dan Bilzerian Biography & Net Worth

Dan Bilzerian Biography

Popular Name: Dan Bilzerian
Birth Name: Dan Brandon Bilzerian
Birth Date: 7th December 1980
Birth Place: Tampa Florida, USA
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Nationality American, Armenian
Height: 85kg
Weight: 1.74m
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Dating(Name): N/A
Profession: Professional Gambler, Internet Personality And Actor
Net Worth: $200 Million
Last Updated: March 2020

Dan Brandon Bilzerian, otherwise called the “Instagram King”, is a gambler and internet personality from Tampa. Bilzerian began his profession by playing poker in a World Series of Poker Main Event. He is generally known for his sumptuous way of life. Bilzerian was voted as one of the most entertaining poker players by Bluff Magazine. In 2020, Dan Bilzerian net worth is evaluated to be $200 million dollars.

Dan Bilzerian Biography

Dan Bilzerian was conceived on 7 December, 1980 to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. The dad, Paul Bilzerian, was a corporate takeover expert. Dan began his initial life in Tampa Bay Florida, US. He has a sibling, Adam Bilzerian, who is likewise a poker master. Dan’s dad, Paul Bilzerian, filled in as a corporate takeover pro and he was well known in the business during the 80s. At 36, Paul was an independent mogul with a net worth of about $40 million. As a savvy father, he set up trust funds for his kids since the beginning, which is accepted to have contributed a great deal to Dan Bilzerian net worth today. In 1988, Pau Bilzerian, Dan’s Dad ran into inconvenience and was arraigned for assessment and security misrepresentation, which prompted the loss of practically the entirety of his income. In 2001, he bowed out of all financial obligations with a sum of $140 million obligation and $15,000 resources. Dan was only a little kid of eight years old.

Paul Bilzerian was later condemned and was taken to the jail. His dad’s imprisonment influenced Dan and he needed to experience series of misuse and scorn from cohorts and companions about his dad’s conditions. He became raucous and within one year, he was conveyed of two distinct schools. He later tried out a military school where he was continually under drills. When Paul Bilzerian was discharged from the jail, the family moved to Utah, some 2,000 miles northwest of their family home. At his discharge, Paul started life once more and bought an organization and started to garner riches once more.

In 2000, Dan Bilzerian pursued the Navy SEAL program yet later withdrew from the program without graduating. In the wake of leaving the program, he enrolled at the University of Florida to study Business and Criminology.

Dan Bilzerian Career

Dan BilzerianĀ  kicked off his poker career at the University Of Florida while studying Business and Criminology. He paid for his tuition with the disability remittance awarded to him because of his wounds while at the Navy. In any case, he became broke in the second year of his university studies since he never again approached any wellspring of income and he needed to auction his firearms. When he was unable to make a decent living considerably after this, he chose to go to poker; what a decent choice he made! Dan was making about $90,000 when he dropped out of school at age 27.

Dan has been vigorously associated with hot shot stakes at different poker star circuit. Dan Bilzerian net worth has developed surprisingly within the most recent years. Today, Bilzerian is viewed as one of the top poker experts with different rewards from tournaments to their names. Some years back, he partook in a game of Heads-up No-Limit Hold’em with a high stake of $5,000-$10,000. Dan Bilzerian left the table with $10.8 million. After the game, Dan jumped on a personal jet and headed out right to Mexico to celebrate. He isn’t just famous at the poker tables; Dan additionally has immense fans on Instagram. He has been named the King of Instagram and furthermore named by Bluff Magazine as the Funniest Poker Player on Twitter. Dan has more than 16 million adherents on Instagram and some more on other online platforms. His popularity on Instagram can be significantly ascribed to his different picture uploads of his remarkable way of life on his page. Being the carefree person that he is, Dan doesn’t remain in a spot for long. He once lived in his homes in Las Vegas, Nevada, and later moved to Hollywood. He has again migrated from Hollywood to Bel Air.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2020
Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2020

Bilzerian helped to establish the mainstream Victory Poker and has made some profit from this endeavor. In addition to being a poker master, he has additionally featured in a couple of movies, including Lone Survivor, Olympus Has Fallen, Equalizer, and The Other Woman. Throughout the years, Dan Bilzerian net worth has developed and it is not difficult to recognize the primary wellspring of this net worth. He is profoundly associated with higher stakes poker games, which have contributed essentially to his fortune.

Age, Weight And Height

The Instagram King is 39 years old, weighs 85kg and he is 1.74m tall

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Since he ventured into the poker scene, Dan Bilzerian net worth has expanded to about $200 million. Sometimes in 2014, he uncovered that his net worth was around $100 million and within the following two years, he has developed it with an additional $50 million. Dan uncovered that he has around twenty workers under his finance, comprising of three partners and three gourmet specialists. It isn’t certain whether Dan Bilzerian net worth is all from his poker games or from his trust subsidize. Either way, the truth of the matter is that Dan is a youthful mogul.

Personal Life

Dan has reliably carried on with the quick paced life and has been associated with numerous risky and elating experiences. A considerable lot of his critics accept that Dan Bilzerian doesn’t have any good, monetary or legitimate imperative, as his way of life has consistently been on a crazy ride. Dan actually lives for quickest game vehicle, complex weaponry, and numerous free females. It has been accounted for that exposed women in neckties give Dan his hair style at whatever point he needs a trim. He additionally has a 22mm enemy of tank weapon and an altered Gulfstream IV fly.

He is known for his dress sense of pseudo military pants, T-shirt, and boots. He routinely posts half naked pictures and recordings of his capers comprising of women, race vehicles, liquor, and women. He has encountered cardiovascular failure three times and his ongoing assault was said to have been brought about by aspiratory embolism, which is an after effect of his adrenalin-siphoning way of life. One mind boggling pastime of Dan Bilzerian is the assortment of weapons. It has been uncovered that the 39 year old has huge amounts of stacked firearms in various rooms in his home. When visiting Dan (well, on the off chance that you are fortunate), you will first be halted by the security who will instruct you about the weapons and explicitly caution you about not contacting them in any way, shape or form.


Dan Blizerian is one of those celebrities who made their fame from being famous. At 39 with his love for life and his gambling prowess, Dan Blizerian net worth will continue to skyrocket as the years go by.



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