China’s Cat That Correctly Predicted Nigeria-Argentina Match Dies

A Chinese cat, Baidian’er that correctly predicated the outcome of Argentina and Nigeria match at the Russia FIFA World Cup is dead. The cat who is said to have also correctly predicted outcomes of five other World Cup matches is a psychic cat whose name meant white spot in Chinese language.

His death was announced on Monday and it was revealed that he fell ill and died sparking lots of comments on Weiboo.

Baidian’er was a stray cat who prowled around Beijing’s Forbidden City Palace Museum. He predicted outcomes by being offered two bowls of food with the flags of the competing teams stuck in the ground behind them for him to choose.

He had achieved so much fame within this World Cup period that the Palace Museum had to set up a Weibo account for him and his prediction of the Argentina win over Nigeria turned out to be his last.

His death sparked over 10,000 comments on Weibo and some of these comments are captured below;

“Every time I go to the Forbidden City, I have to go see Baidian’er, take a photo, play for a while, see him sleep on the grass in the sun,” wrote one distraught user.

“Go on living a happy life in Cat Heaven, I’ll see you again.”

The World Cup season in recent times has had all types of animal prognosticators who have been able to sometimes correctly predict outcomes of games.

The most popular of them all was Paul the Octopus who achieved global fame after correctly predicting eight 2010 World Cup games from his aquarium in Germany.

He became a sensation with his subsequent predictions covered by the international media. However, he fell out with home fans after correctly predicting Germany’s loss to Spain in the finals and received threatening letters about turning him into a dish.


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