Check out what Burna Boy says about the Yahoo Boy Saga

Burna Boy took to the Social media to give his opinions about the growing Yahoo Boy no be crime instigated uproar.

Yahoo not a crime by Naira Marley

According to Burna, he says:

“Nigeria my country. Please. Let us get our priorities straight. I want my children and grandchildren to see Nigeria the way we see the Western World. We die every day at the hands of the Police. We are robbed of our rights as humans daily. Our recycled Leaders don’t give a fuck about us. We have real issues that we need to channel our energy to. I’m begging you! Please! Let us Save ourselves. I don’t even like the Internet because it makes me feel a lot of hopelessness for my people. We are Kings and Queens, originators and creators, gods on earth!. Let’s stop bullshitting here, please!!

You will recall that the entire controversy began when a fellow Nigerian Singer, Naira Marley took to the social media stating that “Cybercrime, otherwise called “Yahoo Yahoo” is not a crime.

You will also recall that these problems were further aggravated by Davido’s comment on Naira Marley’s posts.


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