I can’t give up on my dreams because of a man – Omobewaji Oyediji

New sensational and upcoming Yoruba actress, Omobewaji Oyediji, who is well known as ‘Bewaji’ has the vulnerability of a ‘damsel in distress’ but beneath her delicate beauty is a streak as strong as steel.

In a recent interview she had with Potpourri, she revealed how her ex-boyfriend tried to make her quit her dream of acting and how she would have none of it. Make no mistakes about it, she’s in a serious relationship and not exactly searching for the next knight in shining armour.

“My experience with love has been a very funny and crazy one, but it can only get better. I am currently in a relationship and I love every bit of it.

“I can still remember my ex telling me to quit acting because he wouldn’t want to get married to an actress but no, I wouldn’t give up on my dreams because of a man, and now I am with someone who loves and appreciates what I do”, the actress had said when asked of her experience with love.

Just in a recent post on her Instagram handle, Omobewaji Oyediji gushed over the kind of person she has turned out to be, saying she wouldn’t change anything if given a chance to begin again.

“If I could go back in time and change my life, I would not change a thing for the simple fact that I gained knowledge from being me and all my mistakes. Because life’s experience gave me the ability to be the best of who I am. I am happy, I accept Christ in my life, and I am who I am.”

“Some people are the best at what they do, some are average, and others are just getting by. However, none of them is, or ever can be me. I am one of a kind. So I never compare myself to other people. I cannot be them, and they cannot be me. That is who I am, I am just me, discovering me, on my journey,” she wrote.

The Nollywood actress, who is also an entrepreneur and a model holds two Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and mass communications respectively.


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