I can’t accept marriage proposal that doesn’t come with a car – Olive Utalor

In a world full of unmarried women and single women, it’s probably not known why on earth a woman would shun a marriage proposal.

It is presumably what any woman would jump at but it seems this does not apply to Olive Utalor who is a Nollywood budding actress, who turned down a marriage proposal from her fiance of many years. Her reason was because the proposal did not come with a car for her.

“On my birthday last year he promised me a car and now he wants me, Olive Utalor to get married to him without a car, it’s not proper. I don’t care if he has supported me through school. I can’t be trekking under the sun when I am somebody ‘s wife. He should go and look for his class,” the actress said her mind out in a chat when Potpourri reached her to find out why she rejected a marriage proposal.

Sources gathered and reported that the proposal was made by the fiance, who is a civil servant, a primary school teacher to be precise, on his birthday expecting his girlfriend would be pleasantly surprised and accept but her reaction so much disconcerted him that he contemplated taking his own life. In fact, his fiance was said to have stood on a road perplexed and was waiting for any car to run into him.

The whole scene had taken place on a busy working day at a shopping mall in Asaba, Delta State before gaping eyes of many passers-by. The heartbroken boyfriend had thought he had everything perfectly planned and the timing just right, so, rejection was the last thing on his mind but his sweetheart of many years had other ideas.

“I can’t pretend that he is right for me.” the Nollywood actress said.

She acknowledged that he saw him through the early days of her tertiary education while she explained that it is not a basis to show they are right for each other. She concluded by saying that she is not being callous but being true to herself.

The actress is Born in Delta State is quietly making her imprint on the landscape of the movie industry as she has featured in some really good films. Some of the most recent films she featured are Yahoo King, Loving Soul,  My Pregnant Daughter, Hope of Glory, Cursed and many others.


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