Caitlyn Jenner Biography & Net Worth

Caitlyn Jenner Biography

Popular Name: Caitlyn Jenner
Birth Name: William Bruce Jenner
Birth Date: 28th October 1949
Birth Place: Mount Kisco, New York, U.S.
Age: 70
Gender: Male
Nationality American
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 88kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Divorced
  • Chrystie Crownover (1972-1981)
  • Linda Thompson (1981-1986)
  • Kris Kardashian (1991-2015)
Children: 6 — Sam Brondy, Brandon Thompson, Kendall Nicole, Kylie Kristen, Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian.
Profession: Retired Athlethe, Television Star
Years active: 1970–present
Net Worth: $100 Million
Last Updated: March 2020

Caitlyn Marie Jenner, formerly William Bruce Jenner, is an American television star and retired Olympic gold athlete from New York, United States. She initially gained worldwide popularity after winning the Olympics decathlon in Montreal, 1976. After a career as an Olympic star, she switched focus into film television and writing, and at this present time, she is best known for her coming out as a transgender woman. As at the time of this publication, Caitlyn Jenner net worth is counting in six figures as a clear evidence that she’s making a good sum from her career and professional life.

Early Life & Childhood

Caitlyn Marie Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner) was born on the 28th of October, 1949 in Mount Kisco, New York, United States. She has two sisters Lisa and Pam, while her brother Burt died in an accident in 1976. Her mother is Esther Jenner while her father William Jenner was an arborist. After Achieving success as an Olympic star, Caitlyn Jenner got diagnosed with dyslexia.

For her freshman year, Caitlyn Jenner attended Sleepy Hollow HighSchool in New York. When she was through her junior school years she attended Newtown High School for her senior year. She was a quality football player in high school but had to quit because of a knee injury. When she recovered from the injury, she was introduced to the decathlon, making her debut in the sport in the year and 1970 in Iowa, where she placed 5th.

Personal life & Career

Caitlyn Jenner net worth 2020
Caitlyn Jenner net worth 2020

Her professional life has been full of adventures. After being introduced to decathlon while in high school, she took it us as a career and even participated in the Olympics, before pursuing another career in acting and writing, which is the inspiration behind Caitlyn Jenner net worth as at the present time.

Olympic Career

Jenner was the American decathlon champion in 1974 and in the same year, she was featured in the magazine “Track & Field News”. She also won the French National Championship while on tour in 1975 and also got a gold medal in the Pan American Games. The sports magazine “Sports Illustrated” featured her in 1976, and she also appeared on the cover of “Playgirl Magazine”. During these years, Caitlyn Jenner was known around the world for being a very successful decathlon champion, and enjoyed her time with her found fame before she decided to switch her career into entertainment.

Television & Film Career

Jenner starred in a comedy film Can’t Stop The Music (1980), which got a lot of critics, and resulted in her nomination in the Golden Rasberry Awards for Worst Actor. However, she never for once throughout the course of her career entertained thoughts of giving up, and this could be responsible for the size of Caitlyn Jenner net worth today. She picked up more courage as an actress, and started to get successful when she acted in the films “Grambling’s White Tiger” (1981) and “An Olympic Love Story (1980)”. Since then, she has appeared in several films, game shows, and reality shows, including “The Golden Moment (1980)”, “Can’t Stop The Music” (1980), “The Hungover Games (2014)”, “I Am Cait” (2015-), “The Trans List” (2016), as well as starring alongside Grits Gresham in an episode of “The American Sportsman”.

Since 2007, Caitlyn Jenner has starred in E! and also the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” along with her wife Kris Jenner.

Awards & Honours

1. Decathlon career Awards & Honours

  • USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships (1st place, 1974, National Event)
  • Pan American Games (1st place, 1975, Mexico)
  • Olympic Games (1st place, 1976, Canada)
  • USA Olympic Trials (1st place, 1976, National Event)
  • Induction into the US National Track & Field Hall of Fame (1980)
  • Induction into the Olympic Hall of Fame (1986)
  • Inclusion in the Connecticut Sports Hall of Fame and the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame (1994)
  • Induction into the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame (2010)

2. Television Awards

  • Teen Choice Awards (2015)
  • Glamour Magazine “Woman of the Year” (2015)
  • The Arthur Ashe Courage Award (2015)

Personal Life, Family, Children

On December 15, 1972, Caitlyn Jenner (still William Bruce Jenner at this time)  married Chrystie Crownover. Their married lasted till Jan 2, 1981 before they divorced, and they had two children together – Cassandra Lynn Casey Jenner and Burton William Burt Jenner.

In 1981, he married Linda Thompson in a marriage that lasted for five years, and had two sons with her namely, Sam Brondy and Brandon Thompson, both of whom appear in their own reality show “The Princes of Malibu” featuring their step-dad David Foster.

On April 21, 1991, he got married for the third time to Kris Kardashian after dating her for 5 months. They have two daughters together – Kendall Nicole Jenner and Kylie Kristen Jenner. His marriage to Kris Kardashian made him the step-father of her 4 children from her previous marriage – Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian.

His professional career transformed into being a highly rated television celebrity since an appearance with his blended family in “Keeping up with the Kardashians“, produced by his wife Kris. However, their marriage ended with a divorce in 2015.

Transgender & LGBT

In an interview in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner came out as a transgender woman, saying that she has been dealing with gender dysphoria since her childhood. She crossed dressed for many years. She has had a cosmetic surgery and sex reassignment and is now known for being the most-famous openly trans woman in the world after she came out in 2015. She is a role model and activist for the LGBT-community.

Physical Features

Even at over 70 years of age, Caitlyn Jenner impresses her fans with her awesome performance on television, and with her remarkable appearance. Her weight and height has been described as “perfect”, as she weighs 88kg and stands at 6 feet and 2 inches of height. She is also known for her light brown eyes, dark brown hair, and slim body build.

Caitlyn Jenner net worth

As at the time of this publication, Caitlyn Jenner net worth counts in six figures as a clear evidence that she’s making a good sum from her career and professional life as a television personality and reality TV star. Although she started out as an athlete and Olympic gold medalist and champion of decathlon, most of her wealth has come through salaries inflow from her television appearances, shows and films following her television debut in 1980. She is one of the most influential icons on several levels. Transiting from a successful athlete back in the 70’s to now being a role model for the LGBT-community, this woman’s journey has been quite a lot.

Caitlyn Jenner net worth is an estimated $100 million.


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