Brittany Johnson Biography & Net Worth

Brittany Johnson Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Brittany Johnson
Real Name:
Lovely Peaches
Birth Date: January 4, 2001
Birth Place:
United States
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Height: 175cm
Weight: 80kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: 1
Profession: Social Media Star
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $500,000
Last Updated: 2021


Brittany Johnson is famously known for being a star on social media platforms. You may want to call her a social media star or a social media personality; she is all that and many other things. Also known on the internet as Lovely Peaches, this American woman makes a living by being an active Instagrammer, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media influencer. She is well known for her funny vines, creepy content, and her frequency on Instagram. To add to all of these, Johnson is also an actress and singer, and songs and short flicks are released through her popular YouTube channel, Lovelypeachesmusic100. Well, now that you have an idea of who and what Brittany Johnson is and does (if you didn’t know in the first place), we will take a glance through various aspects of her life and career, and see all that she has achieved since she started her online career a few years ago. So if you’re ready, Let’s proceed.

Brittany Johnson’s Biography & Career

Born Brittany Johnson, she also goes by the name Lovely Peaches. She was born in the United States of America on January 4, 2001, and this means that she’s 20 years old right now. Although she spends most of her time on the internet where she interacts with her millions of fans, nobody knows anything about her father, mother, siblings and relatives. She has also not mentioned anything regarding her education, so we do not know of the high school or college she attended.

She often goes by the name ‘Lovely Peaches’ and all her works are also associated to it. Furthermore, she is a social media star and influencer who has amassed millions of fans through her accounts on various social media networks. She lives to give entertainment to her viewers and followers using her songs, creepy content, and comedy clips.

Brittany Johnson Net Worth
Brittany Johnson

Johnson started her career on Instagram. She later joined Facebook and became active on platforms like Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok as well. She has equally lost some of her accounts that were banned due to various reasons.

Today, Brittany Johnson has more than a million followers on her Instagram account. She has been posting hundreds of pictures and clips on her account, and her funny memes and entertaining video clips are responsible for drawing hundreds of new followers to her page every day. She likes to call herself a pop singer, and doesn’t hesitate to keep her fans intrigued by her sweet melodic voice. She also uploads most of her music to her YouTube channel where she also has thousands of subscribers who appreciate her works.

Personalities that follow her Instagram page include the likes of Daniela Milagros, Rose McGowan, BIG LATTO, and many more.

On her TikTok account, Peaches currently has over a million followers. Her contents have received over 20 million likes as at this moment, and she continues to feed her fans on the platform with her dancing and funny videos which have made her a TikTok sensation.

A naturally gifted singer, Lovely Peaches runs an active YouTube channel which currently has over 500,000 subscribers. She registered on YouTube and created her channel on June 25, 2019, and as of today, her channel has already registered millions of views. She mostly uploads her music works on this channel and her fans love every bit of her.

On March 7, 2020, Lovely Peaches released the official music video for her song titled ‘You Don’t Know Me’ on her YouTube channel. This video has amassed nearly a million views and continues to rake in views every blessed day. Previously, On January 16, 2020, the singer released her first ever music video which she uploaded on YouTube. Titled, ‘He’s Mine Real Official Music Video’, this upload is also very popular on her channel and is also bagging views on a daily basis. Her second YouTube channel has been in existence two years before she created her most popular channel. It currently has just about 20,000 subscribers on it.

Personal Life

Currently, Lovely Peaches is single. She has not mentioned anything about her past relationships and neither do we know anything about her plans for the future. On her Instagram page, she has revealed that she’s the mother of a baby girl. The child’s name is Cora Miracle, and nobody knows anything about the information on the child’s father.

There is a widely circulated rumor that the social media star is suffering from a Mental Illness. According to reports, her family has revealed that she left the home when she was 15 years old because of her mental problem. There are also claims that she tortures her daughter almost every time times. There was a time she almost broke the child’s arm and took off her nail.

Brittany Johnson Net worth

Johnson, AKA Lovely Peaches, is a ‘big’ social media personality. She is very active on social media platforms and this is where she makes her money from. Brands pay her to advertise their products to her tons of followers, and she also gains from places like YouTube when ads are placed on her contents. Looking at the massive following she has across all social media networks, we have no doubt that she earns a decent pay from what she does. She is reportedly worth more than $500,000 and this is enough money to take care of herself and her young daughter.


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