Bitter Leaf Fights Prostate, Boosts Fertility

Bitter leaf has been recommended for prostrate and fertility issues. According to Dr Grace Johnson, a specialist and food nutritionist, bitter leaf works so well for fertility issues and fights prostate cancer . It is able to achieve this because it balances hormones, boosts the functions of the reproductive system and helps the ovary in releasing healthy eggs.

According to Dr Johnson, the benefits of bitter leaf includes boosting overall health in addition to toning the reproductive organs. She emphasized that lots of infertile patients fail to connect infertility with fertile nutrition.

“Good nutrition is considered to be the foundation of a healthy body. That is why a healthy ovary will only be found in a healthy body”.

She reiterated that a healthy ovary releases a healthy egg (Ovum) which when fertilized, results in a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

Bitter leaf is a very common vegetable in the country and is often used in cooking certain kinds of food for consumption.

Johnson said “bitter leaf fights prostate cancer which is common among men, who are over 40 years old. Prostrate has as one of its known symptoms as difficult and painful urination”.

It works on the prostrate by increasing the flow of urine, reducing the pain and regulating the spread of the cell, she said.

Dr Johnson advised those battling prostrate cancer to squeeze fresh leaves in water and take a glass four times daily while continuing with medical check ups.

She also disclosed that bitter leaf is good for fighting Insomnia, a condition that leads to sleeplessness. According to her bitter leaf is also a well known remedy for treating malaria, stomach aches, diabetes, typhoid, diarrhea, gallstones, tuberculosis, kidney disease, lowering hypertension and cancer prevention among others.

She emphasized that it must always be taken fresh to maximize its miraculous health benefits.


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