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Bimbo Oshin is popularly known for her splendid acting skills. In this article, we outline information you probably did not know about her. This article covers Bimbo Oshin biography.

Abimbola Ibironke Oshin is a Nigerian actress, director, filmmaker and also a producer. She came into the spotlight only in 2016 after spending over a decade in the entertainment industry. 

Bimbo Oshin Biography
Bimbo Oshin biography.

Bimbo Oshin Date of Birth – Early Life

Bimbo Oshin was born on the 24th of July,1971. She hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. She is of late Pa Olasanmi Theophilus Oshin. Out of eight children borne to her parents, she is the seventh child. She was raised in Ondo State, where she started her primary education at Staff School Ile-Ife. She later relocated to Lagos at age six where she proceeded to do finish her primary and high school education at the Girls Academy. After, this, Bimbo did her tertiary education at the University of Lagos where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) degree in Philosophy.

However, her zeal for acting has made her take of acting rather than practice her career field. She has always loved acting since her childhood.

Bimbo Oshin Career    —    Bimbo Oshin Biography

Abimbola started her acting career when she was still at the University of Lagos. Though she has always had a keen interest in acting she could not accomplish much until when she was in her second year. This was when her friend, Ronke, introduced her to Araosun who was doing an audition at that time, in the year 1996.

She kept on attending auditions and rehearsals, till she was given a role to act. In 1997 after the movie “Aboki” that Abimbola actually became convinced that acting was the real thing. In 2012, she came to limelight after she featured in a Yoruba movie,” Omo Elesho”. After that, she got many acting roles and steadily rose to the peak of her acting career.

She also went into movie production and she has produced three movies so far, which are “Eji Oruro”, “Owu Iya” and “Temi Yemi”.

Bimbo Oshin Wedding – Bimbo Oshin Family

Abimbola was married to an American based owner of Duda Heritage Ola Ibironke. The couple was blessed with two wonderful kids, a boy, and a girl. Abimbola is a very easy going woman and she had always been committed to her family.

Though after some years she got separated from her husband due to irreconcilable differences. The reasons for her marriage separation is probably one of Abimbola’s best-kept secrets. It would interest you to know that Ola Ibironke, is Dudu Heritage’s boss.

Bimbo Oshin Awards – Bimbo Oshin Nominations

She has gotten several nominations and awards which includes:

  1. In 2014, she was nominated for the Yoruba Movies Academy Awards Best Actress. In that same year, she was also nominated for the City People Entertainment Best Actress of the year.
  2. In 2015, ZAFAA African Film Academy – Best Female Indigenous Actress.
  3. In 2016, she was nominated by the Afro-Heritage Broadcasting Entertainment Awards (AHBEA), and still, in that year she got honored with an Icon Category Award at the Afro-Heritage Broadcasting and Entertainment Awards.

Bimbo Oshin Movies   —     Bimbo Oshin Biography

She has acted many movies but few will be listed below: “Akobi”, “Omo Elemosho”, “Eji Owuro”, “Temi Yemi”, “Omo Oku Orun” and many others.


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