10 Reasons You Should Get A Pet

Unhappy? Lonely? Bored? You need a pet. Owning a pet can make a whole lot of difference in your life, can make your days brighter and happier. There are so many benefits of owning a pet. Apart from bringing you happiness,  they can also boost your healthy growth. They know how to keep your mind engaged and active, they can also be your loyal friend. The benefits of owning a pet especially a dog cannot be overemphasized. These are the reasons why you need a pet in your life.

Benefits of Owning a PET

They are loyal

A pet’s love cannot fail,  a pet will always remember you and be bonded to you. Dogs spend a whole lot of time observing and learning your routines and mannerism. As a result, they share a strong bond with you, a relationship that cannot be shared with people. Because of this,  they can quickly sense any change in our moods or emotions even when slight and people are oblivious to it; your dog will always notice and try it’s best to comfort you. Even when you cannot reciprocate this love and loyalty, your dog is still there to cheer for you. They probably understand more than we know ourselves. This is one of the benefits of owning a pet.

Benefits of owning a pet
Benefits of owning a pet

They motivate you to exercise

Even when we know that physical exercise is essential for a healthy life,  we might still not be excited to exercise.  This is where your dog comes in; they act as motivation as they need to go on walks daily. Studies show that dogs owners are more likely to achieve the recommended 150 minutes per week exercise than those without dogs. Do not dismiss walking as an exercise because it goes a long way toward helping you keep fit and in turn makes you healthy. Owning a pet like a dog can also add the element of running, it is easier to run with your dog because you are doing it for your dog. A dog will keep you happy, healthy, and still help you in losing weight.

They can improve the immune system

One of the benefits of owning a pet is that they help improve our body’s immune system. Just a simple act of petting them can enhance your immunity. Dogs make you laugh when they do some funny and silly things, this benefits the immune system and also fights off viral infections. Studies prove that pet owners benefit better immune system than those that own stuffed animals or nothing at all.

They lower blood pressure

The support received from pets is enough to reduce blood pressure that is brought about by mental stress. Dogs help us to relax and decrease the occurrence of stress-related illnesses such as hypertension and ulcers. Dogs are generally suitable for the heart, as they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

They act as a therapist

Animal Assisted Therapy(AAT) or pet therapy has lead to the decrease of pain,  depression, and distress in people with mental and physical health problems. People undergoing chemotherapy,  physical therapy and people with post-traumatic stress disorder can all benefit from pet therapy. Pet therapy can also relieve feelings of homesickness and this is one of the benefits of owning a pet.

They can lower levels of stress

Pets can make you happier, and according to research, dogs can help reduce stress. Just petting your dog can increase the levels of oxytocin – the feel-good hormone- in your brain and also lowers the production of cortisol – the stress trigger hormone. When you are stress-free,  you are less likely to get sick. Caring for a pet can be emotionally healthy, even if they are a headache sometimes,  they get your mind off your troubles and make you smile at their antics. Owning a pet makes things better when dealing with depression, anxiety or trauma. Interaction with your pet is healing.

They help us socialize

People tend to get closer when they see a pet because they love to ask about them. Dog owners can become friends if their dog associates with the other person’s own. These are common ways to make friends. Studies have shown that owning a pet is the 3rd most common way of meeting new people and making friends. It in addition reveals that pet owners are 60% more likely to get to know new people in their neighborhoods than people without them. Dogs help you to be more sociable.

They keep us healthy

Studies have shown that babies born into homes where a dog resides are less likely to have allergies. Chances of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases are limited when you own a dog. This study also shows that this could be as a result of increased social well being and the immune system development. So holding a dog benefit adults and also babies just coming into the world.

Benefits of owning a pet
Benefits of owning a pet

They can sniff out cancer

A dog’s sense of smell is a million times stronger than ours; they can quickly sniff out what is going on inside our bodies. Some dogs have saved the lives of their owners by sniffing out the onset of cancer. Research has found that pooch can be trained to differentiate between the breath of those with disease and those without, dogs can also be prepared to detect biomarkers in the urine of persons with prostate cancer. A dog can help you know when something is wrong with you before it gets too late.

They keep you company

Pets give you a sense of belonging. Studies have shown that people who own pets have higher self-esteem. Owning a pet helps you quickly recover from social rejection better. Pets help with the mental well-being of their owners. When you are with your pet,  you do not feel too lonely; you have someone to talk to that will always listen and not judge you. You are less likely to get depressed.

The benefits of owning a pet are numerous as captured above. Pets give you the biggest treat of all – good health, joy, warmth and years of sloppy kisses – then you could ever give them. Getting and owning a pet is not a small deal, but we get more in return than what we can provide to them. Dogs know how to fit into our lives like they are serving a purpose. Need a friend with happiness and health benefits? Get a dog.



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