10 Beauty Essentials every woman should own

 When it comes to stocking up on beauty essentials, there’s so much to pick from and this can be quite overwhelming, if not confusing. Well, no matter your skin tone, there are just about 10 beauty products that should adorn your Vanity before every other beauty product.

10 Beauty Essentials every woman should own

1.    Moisturizer

Healthy skin can be achieved with the right skin regimen. Moisturizers are great for your skin ensuring you keep a fresh youthful skin free from wrinkles. Moisturizers serve to keep your skin refreshed by adding up essential nutrients to your skin.

2.  Cleanser

Contrary to popular belief, soaps are not actually great on your face. Here’s why, Soaps take away dirt from your face as well as get rid of essential oils from your skin. A cleanser is a great beauty item and it is prominent on the beauty essentials list. It removes bacteria while preventing the removal of natural skin oils making sure you retain a health skin.

3. Concealer

Invest in a pouch of Concealer, it a great cover for all skin blemishes ensuring that you keep a brighter radiant look under that makeup.

4.  Blush

For a nice reflective imprint on your skin, a blush will do. Whatever colour sooths your skin, A nice touch of blush adds a pretty flush to your skin tone giving you a healthier facial beauty glow.

5. Eyebrow Pencil

By Eyebrow pencils, I do not mean just pencils, it can be the eyebrow filler if you so prefer.  Purchase the perfect colour that sooths your skin and watch the dramatic bold beauty look that can only be given by the arch of your Eyebrow.

6. Mascara

A nice heavily lidded eyelash is definitely sensual and appealing.  Mascaras define and increase focus on your eyes making them stand out as well as beautiful. There are many different types of Mascaras that you can choose from, decide the one you like and enjoy it. Invest in a nice bottle of Mascara for that sexy, youthful appearance.

7. Powder

A nice finishing touch of powder is a must have. It defines your skin giving a perfect completion to the imperfections on your skin. It also prevents blotches as well as giving you that beauty radiance. Pick the right shade of foundation for your skin tone.

8.  Red Lipstick

Red is every woman’s favorite colour, it’s also perfect on all skin tones. A nice red pout is suitable for all attires as well as giving you that great confidence.

9. Eye Cream

You should take great care of your Eyes, they are the pathway to your soul, displaying, they give details of your personal life in a single picture as well as all issues with aging. A nice cup of Eye cream are a great addition to your makeup kit as they help to reduce all problems from black eye to wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is on the beauty essentials list and it is for protection from sun rays. The sun rays are not healthy for your skin as it makes you age faster as well as increasing Cancer risks, Sunscreen protect your skin from the effects of the Sun and helps fight against skin cancer. You can do no wrong by adding this to your Skin care and beauty regimen.



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