Avengers-Infinity War Tops In North America Box Office For Another Week

Avengers: Infinity War is still topping the box office in North America for the third straight week. The movie brought in $61.8 million during the week, easily ahead of all competition ,estimates have shown. It has brought in a cumulative sum of $547.8 million in over three weeks according to box office tracker Exhibitor Relations

The Avengers movie, a Disney blockbuster, features several Marvel superheroes who have the task of saving the Universe from Thanos (Josh Brolin), a powerful purple alien. The following stars played their marvel roles in the movie; Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man; Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange; Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow; and Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

“Life of a Party” came a distant second raking in a respectable $18.5 million during its first weekend. The Melissa McCarthy comedy is a movie about a newly divorced mother who decides to return to college only to find herself in class with her daughter. Melissa McCarthy co-wrote the script of the movie with director Ben Falcone.

Another movie, a thriller starring Gabrielle Union, “Breaking In” came third at the box office with $16.8 million. A review of “Breaking In” by review website, Rotten Tomatoes, praised Union’s performance as a mother fighting criminal hostage-takers in order to save her children but dismissed the film as a rote, disposable action thriller.

“Overboard”, a romance comedy movie slipped to fourth position from second bringing in $10.1 million in its second week in theatres. The movie from Lionsgate starring, Anna Faris and Eugenio Debez, is the story of a struggling single mother who makes a rich playboy with amnesia believe that they are married.

Paramount sci-fi horror movie “A Quiet Place” came in at number five with a take in of $6.4 million. The movie which stars actor-director John Krasinski and his real –life wife Emily Blunt is about a couple who are silently struggling to protect their family from blind aliens who are able to track their prey through sound.

Other box office movies in top ten for the week include; “I feel Pretty” ($3.71 million); “Rampage” ($3.38 Million); “Tully” ($2.24 million); “Black Panther” ($1.932 million); and “RBG” ($1.165 million)


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