Asa Biography & Net Worth

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Bukola Elemide is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She is well known for her soulful and in-depth music. Asa as we all know her was born on 17th of September 1982 in Paris, France where her parents were working and studying Cinematography. She is the only female child born to her parents and has three brothers. Asa’s parents returned to Nigeria when she was two, and she grew up in Ogun state, Nigeria.

Asa Biography

Asa grew up listening to her father’s records which were soul classics from Fela Kuti, Bob Marley,  Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross,  Aretha Franklin,  King Sunny Ade, Nina Simone, and Mariam Makebe and got so much inspiration for her music from them.

She grew up taking care of the home because her parents were not always at home. She grew up with feelings of loneliness and depression and always used music as her escape singing to her imaginary crowd. Asa revealed that due to her loneliness she went into the lifestyle of a tomboy. She also told that she was bullied because of her low pitched voice and people of her age group avoided her in church.

Asa Biography
Asa Biography

Asa Music Career       –    Asa Biography

Asa went to study In France at the IMFP school of Jazz Music at the age of 20 where she was encouraged to go ahead with her career as a recording Artist that she did not need schooling to start her career.

She met her friend and later manager, Janet Nwose in 2004. Janet Nwose introduced her to Cobhams Asuquo who became her partner and producer. Her first single was ‘Fire on the Mountain’ which made airwaves in 2007.

Asa released her debut album ‘Asa (Asha)’ which charted radios across Europe, Africa, and Asia and also won her the French Constantin Award in 2008. Her second debut album ‘Live in Paris was produced in 2009.

She released her third album on the 25th of October 2010, which she titled ‘Beautiful Imperfection.’ The album made platinum in 2011. The lead single of the album was ‘Be My Man’ which she released in September 2010.

Her 4th studio album, ‘Bed of Stone’ was released in the August of 2014. It was reported in 2014 that even before the release of her 4th album,  she had sold 400,000 albums worldwide. She later went on a world tour from the year 2015 – 2017.

She is known for the uniqueness of her music which lies somewhere between Pop and Soul with just a twist of Reggae. Her song lyrics are mainly in English but sometimes with a spice of Yoruba- which is her mother tongue- or entirely in Yoruba.

Asa Songs


  • Asa (Asha)
  • Live in Paris
  • Beautiful Imperfection
  • Bed of Stone


  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Jailer
  • Be My Man
  • Why Can’t We
  • The Way I feel
  • Ba mi Dele
  • Dead Again
  • The One That Never Comes
  • Dreamer Girl
  • Satan Be Gone
  • Sometimes I Wonder
  • Grateful
  • Eyin Mummy
  • Situation
  • So Beautiful
  • Bimpe
  • Moving On
  • Ife
  • Why Can’t We
  • No one Knows
  • 306o
  • Baby Gone
  • Awe
  • Shine Your Light
  • Iba
  • Eyo

Soundtrack appearances

  • 2007- She was featured on the soundtrack to the film titled “ The First ”
  • 2011- She was also featured on the soundtrack for the Animation movie Zarafa

Asa Awards and Nominations

  • She received nominations for Best R&B/Pop album, Best Alternative Song, Best Recording of the year, Best Recording of the Year and Best Vocal Performance (female).
  • Asa has received nominations for the French Constantin Awards in 2008.
  • She was nominated for ‘Female Artist of the Year’ at the Victoires des de la Musique Award.
Asa Biography
Asa Biography

Asa Personal and Love Life     –      Asa Biography

Asa was rumored of being gay in 2012 and was later charged with Lesbianism in court which she denied.

She revealed in an interview on The Midday Show on 99.9 Beat FM with Toolz that she is in a happy relationship with a foreign man.

Asa Net Worth 2021

Asa is a Nigerian songwriter, recording artist and one of Nigeria’s most exposed musicians with an estimated net worth of $5 million.


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