Alibaba Akpobome Biography, Career, Net worth And More

Alibaba Akpobome biography is about the life of an entertainer whose full name is Atunyola Akpobome. He is a Nigerian comedian, master of ceremony, actor and television personality.

For many years, he has been recognized as king of comedy in Nigeria and he is currently regarded as the Founding father of the Nigeria comedy industry.


Alibaba was born to the royal family of Agbarha Otor in Ughelli LGA of Delta State on the 24th of June; 1965.

He is the first son of his very large household. His father was a military officer and soldier at one time, stationed in Lagos State.

Therefore Alibaba did his primary and secondary education in Lagos State. At the completion of his secondary school education, he gained admission into the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma in Edo State, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Religion Studies and Philosophy.  At the completion of his tertiary education, he moved back to Lagos.

Alibaba Akpobome Biography, Career, Net worth And More


Before the completion of his tertiary education, Alibaba had discovered his talent for comedy and in his 3rd year, he began to groom his talent. Nevertheless, he planned to return to the University in Ekpoma to further his academic career to have a master degree in law but with the growing awareness that his lifelong career should be comic involved, he let go of that dream and moved back to Lagos.

As an uprising start, Alibaba featured at many corporate events, TV series and cameo appearances on radio. He also worked with Dapo Adelegan at DP Lekki limited as an executive assistant but had to let go of that job to fully concentrate on his comedy career. With sheer guts and determination, Alibaba was able to build his career to heights; he also featured as Master of Ceremony in many areas around Nigeria. In 1993, he took his career to a new level by registering his company “Alibaba Hicuppuray 3rd”.

Through his company, he seeks to school upcoming comedians in the daunting act of the “funny business” as he calls it.

He currently holds the position as the highest paid comedian in the Nigeria industry. With over 30years in the comedy industry, it is no wonder while he has holds the King of Comedy title. He is the single most powerful force in the comedy industry that has undeniably led to its immense growth in the past years.

Alibaba has featured in the CNN Africa Voices, this happened sometime in March 2015.


Alibaba has bagged many different awards for his great talent, passion, and determination to see the comedy industry drive to a greater height.

  • In 2001, he won the Laughter-Awards-Back theatre in the category for “Outstanding performance”.
  • In 2002, he won the Achievers Merit Award from Delta State University.
  • He also bagged a recognition award for helping upcoming entrepreneurs by the Eric’s Entertainment.
  • In 2004, he won the Pendulum Awards LASU National Association of Physics Students for “Icon of Comedy”.
  • *In 2004, he was the first Nigerian to receive the “Icon of Comedy” awards from Nigeria Entertainment Awards.
  • *In 2005, he won the National Comedy Award by the Comedy Enterprise.
  • *In 2006, he received an Award for Excellence by the Lagos State University.
  • *The City People Entertainment Award also recognized his amazing contributions to the entertainment industry in 2006.
  • *He has received the Enablers Ment Award from RCCG in 2007
  • *The News Diamond Award in 2008 also recognized his amazing contributions to the entertainment industry
  • *In 2009, he received the National Daily Award for the comedian of the decade.
  • *In 2010, he received an award for the comedy for change award to mark his 20th year on stage.
  • In April 2018, he also received an award for his immense contribution to the Nigerian comedy industry by The Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary International.


Alibaba is wedded to Mary Bassey Udoh and the family is blessed with 5 children Xsera, Brandi, Ejiro, Tejin, and Valerie.

Alibaba Akpobome Biography, Career, Net worth And More


Alibaba is estimated to be worth about 7 million dollars.


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