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Alan Autry Biography

Alan Autry (also known as Carlos Alan Autry Jr., or Carlos Brown) is an American politician, actor, and former NFL (National Football League) player. He was born on July 31, 1952, in Shreveport Louisiana.

Alan Autry biography
Alan Autry biography

His parents were Carl Autry and Verna Brown Autry. When his parents divorced, he was just a year old, and his name was changed by his mother to Carlos Brown. Alan Autry is a distant cousin of the famous Gene Autry. When he was younger, he worked beside his stepfather, Joe Duty and his mother in San Joaquin Valley, California, where the family planted and harvested grapes, cotton, and other crops. They lived in migrant worker camps as they traveled around San Joaquin Valley. They moved to Riverdale, California and settled there when he was twelve years old.

On screen, he appeared as Captain Bubba Skinner in In the Heat of the Night, the NBC TV series. He also appeared in several films and television shows during his active years. He was elected as Mayor of Fresno, California in November 2000 where he was in office for two four-year terms from January 2001 to January 2009. In 2008 while still in office as the Mayor of Fresno, he began hosting radio news talk shows until 2011.

Alan Autry Career — Alan Autry Biography

Alan Autry is a politician who served as Mayor of Fresno, California between 2001 – 2009. He is also a talk show host, an actor, and a former football player.

Football Career

While in high school, Alan Autry played for the Riverdale Cowboys as a quarterback. He earned an athletic scholarship to proceed to study in the University of the Pacific in California. In his senior year while in the University, he was a second string tight end for the Tigers. In the year 1975, the Green Bay Packers drafted him as the starting quarterback in 1976.

Alan Autry Biography
Alan Autry as a footballer

His football career was a short one which ended quickly when he was excluded from the team by then team Coach Bart Starr. He moved to Hollywood to become an actor, but later attempted a football comeback in 1979 playing in the CFL for the B.C. Lions. He played as the third-string quarterback behind Jerry Tagge and Joe Paopao.

Acting career

Alan Autry made his film debut in Remember My Name, a 1978 motion picture. In 1982 he met Carl Autry his father, for the first time, in Shreveport while on location for the film Southern Comfort after he found his father’s name in a telephone book. He decided to change his name from Alan brown to Autry, his birth surname. In his years acting, he battled with his alcohol and drug use, according to an interview he made on The 700 Club in 2007.

Alan had his own production company. In 1997, he launched a production company “Dirt Road Productions”. Under the company’s name, he released The Legend of Jake Kincaid, in 2002. He was the film’s director.

After nine active years in Hollywood, Alan left his acting career and returned home to become a born-again Christian.

Political career

Alan Autry is a member of the Independent political party. In November 2000 he was elected as Jim Patterson’s successor as the Mayor of Fresno, California. He was elected again to serve as mayor for a second term in 2004 with more than 72% of the total votes. He was not eligible to run for a third term due to term limits, so he endorsed Republican party member Ashley Swearengin. Ashley was eventually elected to succeed Alan Autry as the  24th mayor of Fresno in 2008, while she resumed office in January 2009.

Marriage, Wife and Children

Alan Autry has been married twice. He married Vicky brown in 1980 but the couple divorced six years later in 1986 after having one child together.

He married his second wife, Kimberlee Autry in 1994. They have two children together.

Alan Autry has three children – one from his first marriage to Vicky brown, and two from his second marriage to Kimberlee Autry. He has two daughters, Lauren Autry and Heather Autry, and a son Austin Autry.

How old is Alan Autry?

Alan Autry is He is 67 years old. He was born on July 31, 1952 in Shreveport Louisiana, United States of America.

Alan Autry Net Worth 2021

It is estimated that Alan Autry has a net worth of $3,000,000 (three million dollars). He made his wealth from his acting and political careers.

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